Make a building from cake? Tell me more…

Is there a charge to take part?
There is no charge to take part however participants buy their own ingredients so we encourage you to build larger cakes around a hollow centre to keep costs down.

Is this a competition?
Not exactly, we anticipate a range of bakers and cakes from beginners to experienced amateurs and professionals – everyone is welcome. Those who have baked will vote on the day to choose the favourite cake which will receive a special award.

Can we use non-edible element in the cakes?
Yes you’ll probably need to to keep the cost down (and the cake up!). Hopefully you’ll stay to serve your cake to the adoring crowds so you’ll have the opportunity to remove any non-edible elements beforehand. Otherwise, let us know what can and can’t be eaten when you drop your cake off.

How big should my cake be?
We’re leaving it up to you so you can get creative and decide how big you want your cake to be and how true the proportions are to the original. We do ask that cakes are no smaller than 25cm in length and no bigger than 100cm in any direction (including the board). Please ensure your cakes bear some relation to the size of the original (i.e. cakes representing small places like the Mercat Cross should be on the small side and cakes representing big places the Meadows should be on the large side). And one you’ve decided please let us know so we can make space on the map.

How accurate does my cake need to be?
Your cake is your creation and you can make an exact replica or an artistic impression, it’s up to you. The one thing we do ask is that you put your board on a sturdy board so that it can be moved safely and without damaging your creation – please don’t use flimsy cardboard or similar.

Can you suggest recipes, equipment & sources of advice?
Yes! We love cake and once you sign up to create a cake you’ll receive a welcome e-mail with hints, tips and links to videos explaining how to make buildings from cake. Anything else – just ask.

If you have another question please contact the Head Baker simon@cakefest.org.uk